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Pro-Wedge VM-20

Soldadora de Cua para geomembrana DEMTECH modelo Pro-Wedge VM20. Es el equipo ms verstil del mercado ya que cubre toda la gama de espesores y materiales ya sea PE, PP o PVC de 0,5 a 3mm


The low cost, lightweight wedge welder that does it all! It is the top choice of installers worldwide for welding everything from thin PVC to geotextiles to thick HDPE geomembranes and everything in-between.


Pro-Wedge VM20 Features

Lightweight and high speed for thin and flexible materials such as PVC and geotextiles.
Heavy duty and high torque for the thickest smooth or textured HDPE.
Easy to load & operate. Longer loading time and less initial "burn-out" when welding thin materials.
Weld different material thickness' such as 40, 60, and 80 mil without changing set-up adjustments.


Sheet overlap guides and track attachment available for high speed in-house fabrication.
Welds reinforced polypropylene up to 32 feet per minute!
Simple, push-button speed and temperature controls.


Available options

FK-100 Fabrication kit with travel plate and sheet lap guides for in-house fabrication.
RF-100 Outrigger attachment for loose and sandy sub-grades.
Raised rear travel roller and skid plate attachment.
Wide front (tube style) travel roller, 4" diameter, or single rollers.
3 inch wide wedge and nip roller upgrade for wide seams on reinforced products.


Technical Specifications

Model Numbers : VM20/A, VM20/3/A
Unit Weight : Only 27 lbs. (12.25 kg.)
Shipping Weight : 45 lbs. (20 kg.)
Voltage : 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Wattage : 1800 watts
Amperage : 15A @ 120V / 7.5A @ 240V
Temp. Range : Ambient 860 F (450 C)
Weld Width : 1.25" to 3" (31.75 to 80 mm) split or solid
Weld Type : Overlap, Prayer, and other custom welds.
Travel Speed : 0-70 ft./min. (0-21.2 meters/min.)

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